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Rug-Ratz is a multi-service cleaning company specializing in floors, and exterior building washing.

We are a family oriented company. Our 2 main technicians are father and son.
Anyone we hire is required to have the same drive to protect our name and reputation willingly

Rug-Ratz is and always will be locally owned completely.

What that means to our customers?

     1. We are not bound to use specific products, equipment or marketing material simply because we are under contract. We are free to use what works
best. Not limited to equipment and cleaning products. Also marketing with upfront and honest pricing.

    2. We would never send a salesman to your home. Many of our customers have said they just want their carpet or tile cleaned. They don't wanna be
asked to buy a door mat, or carpet rake that is marked up 200% over retail.
We listened and agreed!

This is important to say, because it is part of what made us one of the most trusted carpet cleaners
in the Shreveport Bossier area. And, we just want you to understand what type of experience to expect
when calling a franchise company vs a locally own professional cleaning service in most cases.
This is more about the type of company you want in your home.
We are not trained salesmen. We offer you service!

Give us a call - We will listen to your needs, and offer input on what we can do to help.

Pricing is upfront, fair, and consistent!
Example: If we clean your living room for $55, and you refer a family member 6 months later.
They will also get theirs cleaned for $55. This is very important to us.

I've followed pricing from several companies over the years, and the one thing I notice is inconsistency without rhyme or reason.
But is there a reason?  Commission based pay structures allows technician to basically just charge you as much as he wants.
So the more he charges you, the more his paycheck is. This is another common practice for franchise companies. This is another thing that sets us apart.
We stay up to date on the safest, and
most effective equipment and cleaning
products. So when you hire us. Your
getting the very best at every service visit.
Owner: Bob Middleton
I started this service full time in 2002, after years of cleaning carpets part time
starting at age 13 . Cleaned my first carpet at the "Chez Vous motor inn" on
Monkhouse drive down by the airport. "Chez Vous" is french for "You're place" BTW.
70's Green and gold shag carpet throughout the place. Minimum wage was $3.35 at
the time. Cleaning carpet seemed to come natural to me. And I liked the gratification
of bringing something so dirty back to life all on my own. I will never forget, There
were Shiners hospital children staying at the hotel weekly, and that gave me such a
great feeling to give those volunteers and children a clean place to stay. And Thats
the very foundation of my company. Giving people a clean place to stay.

I have been cleaning all types of floors for 18 years, and trained many technicians in
our field. Especially Rug-Ratz technicians.
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