Cleaning Tips
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Carpeting is designed to hide dirt. Once you can see
it on top the damage already starting. Steam cleaning
rinses all that out. If you wait to long dirt will crack the
fibers, and embed into the fiber,and cannot be
removed. That is called greying or shading. It is
visible on your traffic lanes first. Vacuum regularly
and have them cleaned yearly.

Effective cleaning has cost-saving, environmental
and health-related benefits. Preserving and even
extending a carpet’s life saves residential,
commercial and institutional users from spending
money on premature replacement and reduces the
amount of carpet going to landfills.

Carpet is trying to help you!
In addition, carpet serves as a trap for allergens and
other particles that fall to the floor. Removing them
with vacuums that keep dirt and dust within the
canister helps improve air quality. Likewise, using
extractors that effectively recover water and cleaning
detergents from the carpet minimizes the possibility
of mold growth, which can occur when dirt and
moisture remain in the carpet.
Benefits of Effective Carpet Cleaning
Dirty Secret About Traffic Lane Dirt
Only neutral
spot cleaners
don't have to be
rinsed out with
water. And
some over the
cleaners can
bleach your
Vacuuming after
cleaning is the
final step in the
cleaning process
after carpet has
dried. It removes
any dirt that you
may have tracked
on it and fluffs